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Plan Your Bridal Beauty Countdown | I Do Wedding Deals

How To Plan Your Bridal Beauty Countdown

We all know it takes a bit of prep to get ready for our big day. Somewhere, around 6 months before the big day, we might start thinking of eating a bit healthier and even trying the exercise stuff. But fitting into your dress is only part of your beauty regime in the lead up to your wedding.

Planning out a beauty timeline in months prior to your wedding will help delivery flawless pictures (and who doesn’t want flawless skin, right?) and reduce your stress in the weeks leading up to the big day. Skin + stress is generally a fail!

So with a little bit of forward planning, you can rock your best look with gorgeous locks and fantastic skin!


6 Months Before the Wedding:


  • Start eating well & drinking water – Okay, so this is possibly the most boring one but by far one of the most important! Too much sugar, fat and caffeine will have a negative effect on your hair and skin. You need at least 6 months to help heal your skin and regenerate new hair and skin cells.
  • Research and book trial appointments – Good bridal hair & makeup stylists book out quickly, especially for popular dates. Make sure you look at their work and look for testimonials. This is a good time to book in trials for a few months time. If you’re not happy with the look in the trial, you still have time to find an alternative.
  • Exercise – Yeah, again, sorry about this one. Exercise has proven benefits to help reduce stress, increase your immune system and improve the quality of your skin tone.


3 Months Before the Wedding:


  • Trials – This is the time to have your hair and makeup trials. If you’re not a regular tanner or are planning to have your eyebrows & eyelashes tinted, this is also the time to trial them and make sure you like their work.
  • Facials – You’ve probably heard it before, but the week before your wedding is not a great time to have your first facial. To get the best benefits, you need a few appointments with a great beautician who can help you achieve the best for your skin.
  • Hair & Skin Prep –  This is a great excuse to splash out and buy some fab new products and experiment. Start exfoliating your skin on a regular basis and apply a really luxurious moisturiser. Soft, smooth skin doesn’t just happen and if you’re planning on using tanners, it will always look better on well-moisturised skin. Same goes for your hair. The great condition doesn’t just happen. Start deep conditioning your hair and even blow out on a few treatments.


1 Month Before the Wedding:


  • Find some ‘me’ time – The month before your wedding is going to be BUSY! Try and take some time just for you. Book a massage, go for a run or relax with a yoga class. Stress is a skin killer, so try and ensure you’re getting plenty of rest.
  • Finalise – This is when you need to confirm all of your hair and beauty appointments. Confirm all pricing, including travel, and arrival times.


1 -2  Weeks Before the Wedding:


  • Haircut – Get your final haircut and colour. This is the time to really spoil yourself and get a treatment if it’s something you don’t normally do. It will leave your hair luscious and glossy and looking great!
  • Lash Tinting if you’re having extensions – This really needs to be done one week before your wedding. Don’t leave it until your appointment. Your beautician will guide you through the timeline.
  • Get Scrubbing – If you’re not a regular exfoliator, this is the week to get committed! This is super important if you are getting a tan applied as it reduces your chance of looking stripy or blotchy (er, no thanks!). And don’t forget that moisturiser for super smooth, glowy skin.

3 Days Before the Wedding:


  • Lash Lift & Tint – If you’re not having extensions this is the time to get your lash lift & tint.
  • Brows – Get those brows tidy and looking fab. Your brows frame your face, so don’t forget a bit of colour if you’re fair like me – it makes the world of difference!
  • Waxing – If you’re not an IPL fan, or like me, you’re a ginger and can’t get IPL (true story!!) then book that waxing appointment today.
  • La ash Extensions – Get your lashes fitted a few days before the wedding.


2 Days Before the Wedding:


  • Spray Tan – We’ve all seen the meme ‘on Thursday’s we tan’ and there’s a good reason. It gives your tan a few days to develop and let’s face it, the er ‘aroma’ to settle down.


Day of the Wedding:


  • Eat Breakfast – This really is the most important meal of the day! There’s a good chance you won’t eat again until AFTER the ceremony so stock up! Eggs or lean protein are the best to keep you fueled up and keep bloating at bay.
  • Hair & Makeup – Allow enough time for your hair and makeup! Bridal makeup needs 45-60 and maids 30-45 and hair 30- 45 minutes depending on the look. If you have more than 2 bridesmaids ask your stylist & makeup artist to bring an assistant.
  • Don’t leave your makeup to last – There’s a temptation here to leave the bride to the very end to ensure her make up is perfect. But if for any reason you’re running behind, do you really want the makeup artist to rush your makeup? Make sure you’re someone in the middle or nearer the end if you have a large bridal party.
  • GET MARRIED – That’s the whole point! Now go out there and look your most amazing self