We all want to book a great wedding photographer for our wedding day.  But for most of us, this is a once-in-a-lifetime choice.  So take this advice from two of our fabulous photographers and make sure you get the RIGHT photographer for your wedding.

Zeljka Vladic
When you are choosing a photographer, make sure you love their style of photography. This means meeting with them and seeing more of their work, not just what they have on their Facebook account or a website. We all put our best images up, but this can sometimes be misleading, as five nice photos doesn’t make a happy bride.
Another piece of advice is this….. planning a wedding can be super stressful, but the actual wedding day is the payoff of all that hard work, so don’t get caught up worrying about the little hiccups on the day, just go with the flow. The guests will not know any different. I always make sure I tell them this because any stress on the day does rub off on the bridal party. This can shift the mood and it can affect the photos (we get a lot of fake uncomfortable smiles) not to mention ruin their special day.
Simone Harris
Find a photographer whose style you fall in love immediately with ~ chances are if you are after a particular style and you need to ask the photographer if they can shoot  weddings in the style you want and you aren’t seeing this style reflected in their portfolio  ~ they aren’t the photographer for you.
Meet the photographer! Make sure you like them. No actually make sure you love them and will love to be around them on your wedding day. We spend anywhere from two hours to 12 hours with you on your wedding day! You need to relax around your wedding photographer in order for us to capture the magical memories between you both!
If you find the above ~ the next question is ~ do they fit your wedding photography budget? This is a once in a lifetime purchase. The memories captured by your photographer are what future generations will be holding when they are wondering what your Wedding Day was like.