Plus Size Wedding Dresses Perth

Buying your wedding dress is one of the most special moments of your life.  Whether you’ve been dreaming about your dress since you were four, or have never given it a thought, it’s a moment that should give you butterflies!  But that’s not what Katherine experienced when helping one of her closest friends buy her wedding dress.

Plus size wedding dresses perth

The experience left her friend feeling deflated and embarrassed and it left Katherine angry.

“I wanted to know, why is the industry like this?  Why isn’t there choice out there for bigger girls?”

Determined to offer Perth brides a wider choice, Katherine started up Kat’s Kurvy Bridal – offering a genuine range of plus sized gowns.  “Most wedding dresses in stores are a size 12.” she explains.  “This is no use for larger girls!”  The range of styles in most boutiques was also an issue.

It’s all about choice

Kat’s Kurvy Bridal has an impressive range of dresses, from simple beach style dresses, to elaborate princess gowns.  The only thing that impressed me more than the range of dresses, was Kat’s passion for getting her girls into the right dress.

“I want my brides to wear the dress they love, the one that gives them butterflies,”  Kat tells me “not just the one that makes them look a little bit thinner!”  That’s why Kat stocks such a large range of different styles.  “Everyone has their own idea about what they like, what they want to show off or hide.  I work with my brides to understand what style they want, not tell them what they should wear”.

plus size wedding dresses

Kat’s Kurvy Bridal Plus Size Dresses

Size really does matter

While the fashion industry might consider plus size a 16, Kat knows better.  “Our sizes go up to a 34 and they’re available to try on in store”.  Not being able to try on a genuine plus size dress in many boutiques is a real point of frustration.

The overwhelming response has been relief that there a so many dresses available to try on when visiting the store.  “It’s not good enough to say you can order it in, in a bigger size.  People want to try on the dresses.”

Enjoy the experience!

A self confessed ‘bigger girl’ Kat has good understanding of the journey many girls take when trying to find a plus size wedding dress. She wanted to create an environment where brides would feel relaxed and comfortable trying on dresses.

And from what I can see, she’s nailed it!


Kat’s Kurvy Bridal is open Tuesday to Friday by appointment and for open viewings on Saturday.  Give Kat a call on 0427 696 963 or view their website at Kat’s Kurvy Bridal.

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