Privacy Policy

Your Data and How It Is Used

I Do Wedding Deals Privacy Policy


Our policy outlines how we collect and manage your data.  I Do Wedding Deals is committed to ensuring all information gathered is handled securely.  Contact us at if you have any questions about how your data is managed,


What information do you collect and why?


I Do Wedding Deals collects names, emails and general geographic locations from all members who sign up to our newsletter.  All details are stored with Mailchimp and users have the option to ‘unsubscribe’ their details at anytime.  I Do Wedding Deals does not keep a separate list of these details as we respect the privacy of our members.

Information collected from vendors via our customer enquiry form is also managed by Mailchimp.  Information is transferred to our Customer Relationship Management software.  It is only used to contact potential clients and send further information about partnering with I Do Wedding Deals.

Details from our Online Customer Registration form are used by us to generate our adverts.  This information is for the exclusive use of I Do Wedding Deals, with the permission of vendors that it may be published on our site.  Vendors reserve the right to ask specific contact details, eg phone numbers or billing addresses, not be used in the advert.

Information from users downloading one of our vouchers is for the exclusive use of I Do Wedding Deals. These details will not be passed on to third parties, including the companies linked to the voucher.  We may, on occasion, send follow up emails to gauge the level of service from our website and the performance of the vendors.

At no time will we ask for banking details of any of our clients.


Will my information be passed for use by a Third Party?


No.  I Do Wedding Deals will not pass your information onto a third party to use.  All information collected, either from our members, casual users, or vendors, is for use by I Do Wedding Deals.  We will not sell, transfer or divulge your details to anyone outside of our company without your express permission.

Details gathered by competition winners may be passed on to a supplier of any competition prizes. Where competition entry details may be passed onto a supplier, it will be to notify of genuine prizes donated by a supplier.  All competition entrants will be made aware, before entering, if their details will be used to contact them in the event of winning a prize.


How do I access the information you have gathered about me?


By law, you are legally entitled to know the full extent of any information we may have gathered from you or gained from third party activities.  Please send us an email at to gain access to this information.

You have the right to request all information be changed, updated or removed at anytime.

Gillian Corker

Founder of I Do Wedding Deals