Your wedding dress is one of the most expensive (if not THE most expensive) dresses you’ll every buy.  So how do you store it or even transport it without damaging it?


Travel and Storage Boxes. Image courtesy of The Wedding Storage & Travel Box Co.

Travel and Storage Boxes. Image courtesy of The Wedding Storage & Travel Box Co.


You’ve got your dream dress.  It only took a military style campaign of research, planning, and negotiating – but now you have it!  So after all the effort of finding the perfect wedding dress, how do you make sure it’s stored correctly?  Well, the lovely Caroline at The Wedding Storage & Travel Box Co. Downunder has some great advice on how to care for your investment, whether it’s travelling to your destination wedding or storing your dress for your daughter to wear in the future.

Caroline set up The Wedding Storage & Travel Box Co. Downunder after finding it difficult to source a good quality travel box for her soon-to-be daughter-in-law.  With the wedding in Bali, she wanted to make sure both her daughter-in-laws dress and her own outfit could travel with them in the cabin.  After a frustrating search here in Australia, she eventually sourced the boxes from the UK.

Disappointed with the quality of the locally available travel boxes, Caroline was delighted when she received her handmade storage box.  That’s when she knew she had to help other brides, bridesmaids and mothers get their hands on these beautiful boxes.

Why storing your dress correctly is important

Hanging your dress is okay before your wedding, but long-term it will put stress on the seams and can pull your dress out of shape.  The plastic used to cover dresses can also disintegrate over time leaving nasty deposits on your dress.  Storing it in a normal cardboard box could also prove disastrous with the acid in the paper yellowing and staining your beautiful gown.

Plastic boxes are also a no-no as they can build up humidity causing mould and mildew to grow on your dress (er, no thanks!).  Many plastic boxes are also transparent, letting damaging UV rays in and fading the dress.

Quality materials make the difference

Ensure your storage box is made from pH neutral material, including the tissue paper.  This is the important bit – acid in normal storage boxes leaches into dresses over time and will yellow or stain the dress.  Not the outcome anyone wants!  Coloured tissue paper is also a big no-no as the dye used to make it can discolour your dress.

Strong, breathable cardboard is a must for your storage box.  Remember the mould scenario?  Make sure your box also comes pre-assembled.  This will reduce the chance of dust, dirt or disaster getting into your dress!


Store your wedding dress in the beautiful box it deserves!

 Travelling with your wedding dress

Let’s face it, with the average cost of a wedding in Australia at over $32,000, destination weddings are a great alternative.  Cocktails on the beach, waking up the next morning in your own private villa?  Yep, there’s more than a few reasons they’re popular! But the ONE thing all brides worry about is travelling with their dress.  Some airlines are great at hanging carry on dresses, but budget airlines don’t always give you that alternative.

That’s where a travel box, specifically designed to fit in the over head luggage compartment is a life saver.  When buying a box, make sure it’s approved to fit in your over head luggage compartment.  Also, make sure it has a handle so you can carry it with ease!


A good travel box can come with you on the plane. Image courtesy of The Wedding Storage & Travel Box Co.


For more information on how to store your wedding dress, visit The Wedding Storage & Travel Box Co. Downunder or check out their great deal here!