6 tips when shopping for your wedding dress shopping, this stylist wants you to know!

This is the most important dress you are ever going to wear. You will remember it all your life, have it photographed from every angle, admired by your loved ones… It’s not a surprise you want to make sure that this dress is absolutely perfect. Make wedding dress shopping easier with this great advice!

wedding dress shopping


Start wedding dress shopping early (but not too early)

The best time to start looking for your wedding gown is 6-9 months before your wedding date. This will save you from making rushed decision. It also allows you time to order a customised, made-to-measurements, one of a kind gown.

There’s no need to start booking your appointments longer than 9 months in advance, especially before confirming your date and venue.


Limit the audience

It’s great to have the people closest to you and their valuable opinions at hand. But the bigger the crowd, sometimes the harder it gets to make a decision – and the more stressful for the bride!

I recommend bringing no more than 2-3 people to your bridal appointments. If you’re having a big bridal party you can always consult the chosen design with all the bridesmaids by showing them photos.


Find the best silhouette for your body shape first

Often brides envision the dress they want to wear for their big day and only try on similar styles when dress shopping.

I always encourage my brides to try on different styles and silhouettes.  They are always stunned when they look their best in a design they didn’t expect to love.

Determining a most flattering silhouette for your body shape first will save you hours in the change rooms.


Wait for the butterflies

It’s more likely than not that you will know exactly when you see yourself in ‘the one’.

The excitement is often overwhelming as brides fall in love with the dress and picture themselves walking down the aisle.

Try as many gowns as you need to feel the butterflies and don’t settle down if you are not absolutely sure and amazed.


Test the dress

Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the dress. It’s important that you won’t only look but also feel beautiful and comfortable in your gown.

Can you sit down or dance? Can you pin up or detach that gorgeous long train?


Match the dress to your wedding, not the other way around

Chances are when you go dress shopping, you and your fiance have already decided on a venue and style of your big day.

Don’t make Carrie Bradshaw’s mistake and rearrange entire day to wear that breathtaking tulle princess gown if all you want is an intimate ceremony by the beach.


The most important tip is to remember that this is Your Wedding, your choice and that your husband-to-be is going to be amazed when you walk down that aisle in any dress you choose.


Happy dress shopping!


Magdalena is the head stylist and owner of Calla Lily Collection, Perth.  

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