Unless you are new to the whole ‘wedding-planning-life-overtaking’ mission that involves becoming engaged, chances are you have heard about naked wedding cakes. Naked cakes and semi-naked cakes are taking the wedding world by storm. I would estimate at least six out of every ten wedding cakes I book are this style.

What is a naked cake? Simply put, a naked cake is a cake iced in buttercream or ganache that has been stripped back, exposing the ‘flesh’ of the cake. You can actually see the cake under the icing. But, there are levels of nakedness your cake can go. You can be a little shy and opt for a semi-naked cake, which shows less of the cake or you can get all your gear off and go total XXX rated!

There are so many things you can do with a naked cake; dress it (haha, get it!) with fresh flowers, olive leaf, fresh fruit or simply a wooden cake topper. Sit it on top of a timber slab and voila, you have a truly rustic, yet elegant naked wedding cake.

There are a few things you should consider when opting for a naked cake. Keep these tips in mind:
  • The weather and the location of your cake – if its a stinking 40 degrees and your cake is going to sit outside…probably reconsider this style. Your naked cake might end up looking like it just walked in from a hen’s party gone bad!!
  • The colour of the cake – if you want to have the cake maintain some sense of uniformity, then choose a flavour (or flavours), which have a similar coloured cake batter. Probably best to avoid chocolate mud and french vanilla as you will see the alternating colours of cake underneath.
  • Your flowers need to be taped – cakes are for eating as much as for looking at. Best to not attempt to kill your guests by sticking sometimes toxic flower stems directly into your cake. Ensure your cake stylist tapes the flowers. It’s a non-negotiable.
  • Get your florist to provide the flowers – the last thing you want is your flowers not to match the rest of your blooms. (Cue grooms eye rolling all over Perth!) It’s true; yes grooms, it’s a big thing and yes…your bride WILL notice the difference. Have your florist leave the blooms on site for your cake stylist to arrange.
  • Expect to pay a little more for delivery. These cakes require a bit of on-site construction. They are like four year-old toddlers after a birthday party; they don’t travel so well. Handle these babies with care.


Attached are some pictures of some of my naked and semi naked cakes. Happy cake planning!

Naked wedding cake with fresh roses

Gorgeous naked cake with fresh roses and Geraldton wax.

Naked Wedding Cake with Proteas

Stunning king proteas on this naked cake with dark chocolate mud

Stripped back naked wedding cake

This cake is an XXX cake – really stripped back. Here you can see me in action adding the blooms. This is a dark mud peeking through the buttercream

Semi Naked Wedding Cake with fresh native flowers

Semi naked cake with fresh natives. This is a white choc mud with buttercream.

Semi Naked Wedding Cake with fresh flowers

Semi naked cake with fresh roses and chrysanthemum buds. Gorgeous little cake topper from Perth Laser Cutting.

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